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jane miller has more. >> police say they're getting calls about the case and about the suspect they describe. there are a lot of questions. who is the suspect and what was his purpose? violet ripken is no stranger to the spotlight but never like this. yesterday morning she was working in her garage when a man appeared. >> atmel subject approached her at her residence and produced a handgun and forced her into her vehicle at which time he fled the area. >> she was tied up with duct tape, using her car, and 1998 -- a 1998 silver lincoln. police got a call not far from 95. the caller described seeing an older woman tied up and gave a
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tag number that started the investigation. at 6:00 a.m., she was found still bound and in her car not far from her home. >> i saw a white sweater being waived outside the car window. i stopped and rolled down my window and asked the lady if she needed help. she informed me that she was left there and her feet were bound and she was stuck in the car. >> the suspect used her credit card to get gas but what was the motive? >> we do not know what if any relationship there was between the perpetrator of this crime and the family. >> was there ransom demand that any demand for money? >> i can set this time -- say at this time we know of no ransom demand. >> he was a white man in his 30's with a tall, thin build a bearing a white shirt and c amo pants. >> vi and her late husband
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bought their house in aberdeen in 1966. there have been here long time and everyone knows where that house is. she was upset when she was discovered this morning. still in the car and bound by otherwise, appeared to be ok. >> we spoke to one of her closest friends. all serve -- also her next-door neighbor. she told him about the ordeal. we ran into the gunman who was the first to find her in her car blocks away from her home and he is the one who called police. >> it is upsetting. she was a wonderful person -- she is a wonderful person. >> he has been her neighbor and close friend since 1975. she shared with him the details
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of what happened to her early tuesday morning and she began her daily routine. correction guest to mcdonald's every morning at 715 -- 7:15 a.m. and that is when he accosted her in the garage. she said she went to get in her car and next thing you know, the grasp -- guy had a gun and tied her up. he put a mask on her and they took off. her abductor treated her well, even by her cigarettes and food but did not give her any indication he knew she was cal ripken's mother. >> she had the impression he did not know who the in birds was -- iron birds were or who she was. the guy said it was his mother
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and she had alzheimer's and he was calling that down. the guy was suspicious and called baltimore police and got the serial number. >> police would find her tied up in the car. he said ripken waving a white towel or sweater being waived outside the window. >> i stop and roll down my window and asked the lady inside if she needed help. she informed me she was left there at her feet were bound. >> snyder told her to wait and got police, who freed her. the family has released the following statement. "our mother was abducted at gunpoint from her home yesterday morning. this has been a trying time for family and we're grateful and relieved our mom is back with us safe and healthy. we want to thank everyone for their tremendous support, especially the law enforcement
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agencies that worked so hard and quickly. this is an ongoing investigation so everyone understands we cannot comment at this time. thank you." we also heard from folks over at the boys and girls club of hartford county. they passed along concerns because she was involved with that and organization -- with that organization. they are relieved she is doing well. >> thank you. a human skull was discovered in baltimore city. a hiker from baseball at around 2:30 p.m. near the 3100 block of phelps lane. no other remains have been found. this goal has been taken in for forensic testing. >> the first of the 12 victims in the colorado massacre was laid to rest. there are questions about what will happen to the crime scene. others argue it should be reopened to show the gunman
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should not win. the oldest victim in the shooting had taken his teenage daughters to the movie. both have survived. we are learning more. federal agents said that james holmes told them about a package that he sent to the university of colorado's medical campus. inside were handwritten details about killing people. police gathered evidence from holmes'the theater and colm apartment. >> president obama supports the plan but republicans are battling for cuts for all americans of all incomes. the compromise is not reached, billions of dollars in tax increases and spending cuts will go into effect in 2015. the president accuses them of protecting the wealthy. >> they decided to hold the middle class tax cuts hostage
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until we agree to spend another $1 trillion on tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. >> the president will be able to put together his budget and tax plan which will get the economy going and get is on track to a balanced budget. >> mitt romney is in london meeting with several world leaders. speaking with leaders of england, poland, and israel. romney has vowed not to attack president obama during this trip. 11 news has learned that the governor is likely to call an expanded session on gambling. quex issues on the table at this closed door meeting include allowing the six casinos to operate in prince george's county. this has emerged as a favorite location. the baltimore city delegation met with the governor in speaker last week.
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expressing concern that a sixth location could harm the planned casino. the city wants to use gaming revenues to reduce the property tax rate and for school renovation. the governor's office and language that would be included in the bill. the administration wants to pull the shares and divide the proceeds in birds. the warning is a guarantee that the local share would be not less than the amount it would receive prior. caesars entertainment which could be awarded a license next week also were the delegation explaining why expanded gambling benefits baltimore. the senior vice president support special session legislation that would allow live table games in all locations. they cited creating 500 jobs. this for mark -- result in
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market stability but there is a plea to make changes to the current law including lowering the tax rate on revenues and capping the tax rates on game revenue. the national which operates the cecil county casino put the governor on notice. >> the governor has a handed down an executive order demanding renovation of the utility infrastructure system. experts will join forces with several key government agencies to look for ways to improve and strengthen that system. the group will find -- come back with its findings in 60 days. the governor appointed to last month was a violent storms and power outages. a large sinkhole reported in baltimore city. skyteam 11 was over the scene. that massive sinkhole is closing off a large section of
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east monument street. there is a gas main break here. no reports of any injuries. crews remain on the scene working to fix that problem. >> on the football front, ed reed was on hand at the training camp. some reports that he might retire or hold out during the season. >> he was among the many veterans rolling into the facility ready for the grind of another football season. time together for another run at the title. he arrived today as promised, giving the ravens the presence they need. ray rice beaming as he makes his way in. is making baltimore his permanent home. >> that is what it boils down to.
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you get your second contract, you think about long term. that would be nine years of my life i have been in baltimore. baltimore has become home for me. i am no longer a human workenew. >> we take a look at practice today. >> persistently dangerous. >> that is a label put on several baltimore city schools. we will tell you which schools and what the state department of education took into consideration. >> the waters in the inner harbour a big green today. we will explain why. >> temperatures were more comfortable but that will change tomorrow. a heat advisory
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>> eight schools have been labeled dangerous. an official is reacting to the state buzzing report. >> the best for these students is yet to come. there are some career opportunities in the field of maritime and the students are going to have this opportunity. >> city school officials said they are tracking the suspension numbers and are prepared to make changes when needed. we have the entire list of schools on
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>> the water in the inner harbor turned green. dpw was running a dye test to determine where a pipe or drain was leaking. the test was conducted along linwood in the canton areas. the dye is non-toxic and will disappear in a couple of days. >> temperatures settle down to near normal levels. it's pretty tolerable late july day. bwi marshall was that a seven. the record high was 100 in 2010. the record low was 59 in 2008.
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nothing in the rain gauge at the airport. we're at a deficit for july. the quarter and below normal. for the year is a significant deficit. your backyard may have had more. at bwi marshall, the record deficit at 7 inches. temperatures in the 80's around the baltimore area. 70's along the coast and 70 in the western mountains. the dew point temperature is in the 40's and 50, that is dry air for this time of year and it makes it quite comfortable. changes move in tonight. the clouds that we see here is scattered, partly cloudy skies heading toward thursday morning. those clouds are developing ahead of a warm front. the heat and humidity will rise. up toward philadelphia including
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the d.c. area under a heat advisory or excessive heat warning for the day tomorrow. there is a pretty dramatic temperature rise as this front goes by. '88 to cleveland, 98 chicago, 105 in kansas city. the heat comes in on the west to southwest breeze and maybe hot enough to trigger thunderstorms. the next front approaching, a cool front. it will be hot on friday. a thunderstorm may pop up. we start clear and pick up a few clouds. not too bad temperature wise. a light southwest breeze at 5 miles per hour. haitians -- hazy sunshine kicks in. 101 is possible. southwest wind at 10 to 20 miles per hour. on the bay, the wind will be increasing behind the warm front. of small craft advisory is out. 3 foot waves casting up to 20
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knots. a beautiful day today. tomorrow a little warmer and friday store rear with a 50% chance of strong to severe thunderstorms in the mountains on friday. eastern shore has the heat and humidity, getting close to 100 degrees. storms arrive on friday. at ocean city, temperatures in the 90's. thunderstorms possible at the beach on friday. temperatures close to record levels. by noon we are at 90 degrees. after 90's to near 100 carrying through friday with thunderstorms increasing 40% on friday. look for outdoor activities -- there may be showers lingering. there are highs in the 80's. >> the ravens veterans arrive today. rayless meets with the media as we speak.
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for those in house, they got some work done today. joe flacco is there. upshaw failed his initial conditioning test. back to the veterans including ray rice. he spoke to the media for the first time since signing his deal. he gained some serious world experience. >> this has never been about playing for money and all that kind of thing. i have been a team oriented guy. that was my first crack at the business end. as a rookie you just sign in place. i am happy -- i never really wanted to get emotional about the situation. it was just business. >> we hear from rayless at 11.
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2001 marked the last year it went seven games without giving up three runs. there were led by an array of spot starts. they allowed three runs or less. this time they scored 25 runs total on that stretch. just one run as they continue to come up short with runners in scoring position. the biggest issue this year, no errors in the last 46 innings. a better offensive effort. they face the tampa bay raised tonight -- rays tonight. the soccer team face france. the first half underway.
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locking the game up. the u.s. won gold in 2008. up 3-2 and alex morgan, her second of the game. the u.s. wins 4-2. the u.s. wins 4-2. one more
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chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance.
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geico, see how much you could save.
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>> we will have more on the search for the man accused of kidnapping cal ripken's mother. a sinkhole opening up in another section of downtown. the infrastructure woes plaguing the city. more
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>> nice today but get set. the he is back tomorrow. this scorching hot summer continues. threatening the record of 101 said in 1940. it may hit 100 tomorrow. >> 95 on friday with a couple big storms. it will get cooler over the weekend. 80's but maybe a few showers for liverpool. they may have a few showers in the area saturday. >> that should be a good game. >> thanks for joining us.
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we will see you back here at 11:00 p.m. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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